Noi That Duong Dai with a large-scale production workshop, a team of skilled workers, and modern production machines. We are confident in manufacturing furniture products according to the exact design, right quality, and standard delivery schedule.

We receive construction packages from: Interior design – Furniture production – Interior construction – Interior installation. Not only interior design but also a furniture factory, direct furniture factory without intermediaries.

Our production and construction capacity is very diverse, We construct many industrial wood materials such as Melamine, Laminate, Acrylic, MDF with high-quality lacquer, natural wood materials such as walnut wood. walnut wood, American oak…

Especially, we immediately reduce 10% of the construction contract value when the customer has a complete 3D and 2D design. Please read carefully the information below.

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Below is a preliminary price list for interior construction and production including 1 Living Room + 1 Kitchen and 2 Bedrooms using An Cuong industrial wood.


(An Cuong Industrial Wood)

Báo giá thi công nội thấtBáo giá thi công nội thấtBáo giá thi công nội thấtBáo giá thi công nội thất

See prices for interior construction with many different materials here


Step 1: Sign the construction contract

The content of the construction contract of Contemporary Furniture includes the following items:

– Details of specific work through each stage
– 2D production construction drawings and 3D versions (if any)
– Detailed quotation for each item, type of material, implementation time, payment schedule
– Responsibility of each party and warranty period
– Contract addendum
– Interior construction time. Completion time will depend on the status of the apartment and the item to be constructed. Normally, the average construction time of Contemporary Furniture is as follows:

+ Construction of apartment interior: 25-30 days.
+ Villas – townhouses 40 – 60 days
+ Construction of office furniture: From 10-35 working days or more.
+ Showroom interior construction: From 25 to 40 working days or more
+ Interior construction of Hotels, Restaurants: Construction time depends on design documents in each specific stage.

– After signing the construction contract, the customer will make the first deposit of 50% of the construction contract value

Step 2: Survey the actual construction site

– Based on the 2D interior construction, Contemporary Interior Architects will go with the Furniture Manufacturer to measure the actual interior space.
– During the measurement, we will actually discuss with the customer what the furniture will look like when it is up and how it will affect other pieces of furniture.

Step 3: Construction and production of furniture

– After the actual measurement at the interior floor, the architect will exchange the final pin with the Client about the 2D drawing. The customer agrees, We proceed to produce furniture at the Factory
– Furniture produced in our workshop ensures the following good factors:
+ Ensure the right material (You can see the invoice or see the rough product at the factory)
+ Correct technical factors ensure that the item is used for a long time, durable, and aesthetically beautiful
+ The painting room is separate from the carpentry area, ensuring that the paint surface is not dusty or lumpy
The finished product is sealed to ensure no scratches during transportation

Step 4: Transport and install at the site

– Before shipping, we need to make sure the construction site of the customer’s house is eligible for installation.
– After being qualified for installation, Contemporary Furniture will ship the goods and proceed with the installation
– During the installation process, we will execute carefully to avoid affecting other parts such as: Floor, ceiling …
– After completing the construction, we will clean and return the ground

Step 5: Liquidate the contract, hand over the completed apartment to the customer and send the warranty record

After the installation is complete, the sales staff in charge of the project will proceed to liquidate the construction contract with the customer.



The motto “Quality makes a brand” is our top criterion. That has made Noi That Duong Dai one of the leading companies in the world, specializing in interior design and construction and is trusted by a large number of customers.

Are you in need of Furniture?

  • Do you wonder which construction unit to choose QUALITY, PRESTIGE?
  • Are you worrisome construction is not according to the drawings? slow construction progress?
  • Are you afraid that the quality of the work is not guaranteed, degraded after a short time of use?

DO NOT WORRY! Please rest assured to use interior construction services for apartments, villas, townhouses! Call the hotline:  84913416128   or leave your information, we will contact you to advise and quote furniture.

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    According to statistics, up to 95% of customers are more interested in actual construction than 3D design images. Even many families spend hundreds of millions of dong to design 3D, but when the construction is not as expected. This is the reason why you should choose a professional and reputable construction unit.

    With a team of professional architects and production technicians. Noi That Duong Dai brings to customers:

    • Creative ideas, professional service.
    • There are apartments, villas “Actually standard design”.
    • Optimize the performance for the whole house.
    • Fast, accurate, on-time delivery.
    • Save financial costs with a factory over 10 years of operation.
    • Guarantee of quality and aesthetics for any product.
    • 1 year warranty and lifetime product maintenance.



    Interior design and construction of apartments

    Design and construction according to predetermined standards, providing full functions. Optimizing the area to ensure the use of space to give away the disadvantages of apartments.

    Technical standard townhouse furniture

    There is a separate living space, helping to coordinate and make the most of natural light. The living room is designed to be open and spacious. Minimize decorative elements to save space in the kitchen.

    interior home construction

    Professional villa interior construction

    Furniture products bring their own style, diversity and great appeal. Ensure function, shape between different textures. Create a luxurious and trendy space and keep up with the trend.

    Interior construction of the whole hotel

    Interior layout, colors, lighting and accents in different styles. Fully meet the furniture to ensure the requirements of the investor and in accordance with the tastes of customers.

    “Noi That Duong Dai executes design standards, creatively, quickly.  Is the foundation to create luxurious and cozy spaces for customers ?”


    10+ Years of Experience

    Is a reputable company with 3 branches operating nationwide in the field of interior design & manufacturing.

    Innovative products

    Bringing customers a variety of products with many functions for family use.

    Good price

    We offer our customers the best options at the most reasonable prices.

    Quality reputation

    “GUARANTEE” quality with clear source of raw materials. Warranty and product maintenance are dedicated and enthusiastic.

    interior construction specialists


    Chuyên thi công nội thất chung cư, biệt thự đảm bảo chất lượng giá rẻ

    Are you ready to change the living space for your family? Our experienced construction team will help you have the beautiful home you want!