Interior design describes a group of different projects concerned with transforming interior spaces into efficient settings for the range of human activities that occur there.

Custom interior design

Interior design is the process of finishing & decorating the house more sparkling and attractive. It is the calculation and measurement of the necessary technical parameters for their design to ensure that the drawings are not deviated when designing and are accurate to every corner.

  • Many homeowners have received bitter fruit when making furniture

Many households invest a lot of money to build a house, but have received bitter fruit because they did not hire a designer. The house is not aesthetically pleasing, the furniture does not blend in, the colors are messy and inconsistent. Do not take into account technical factors, or problems during installation. Investment costs bounced back too much compared to initial estimates. Moreover, it is time consuming and has to be repaired many times but still not satisfactory.

Beautiful interior design


Interior design of the apartment

Interior design of the apartment

The apartments often have the characteristics of area, architectural homogeneity. Therefore, the design of the apartment must ensure the function, the separateness for each homeowner in each item. Diversify materials and optimize cost sources to ensure finance and aesthetics of the apartment.

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Interior design of townhouses

Interior design of townhouses

Provide detailed design solutions, standard research according to the status quo, feng shui and application of the golden ratio in the interior. Accompanying customers in the process of building and deploying water and electricity engineering. Focus on optimizing performance and bringing real value to customers.

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Villa interior design

Villa interior design

Furniture products bring their own style, diversity and great appeal. The design is consistent in color, ensuring function & shape between textures. Creating a luxurious and trendy space and keeping up with the trend helps to fully meet the strict demands of investors.

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    Interior design of living room

    Interior design of living room

    Living room furniture sets the tone for your home. The designs of Contemporary Interiors ensure a satisfactory space for homeowners. Personalized products: sofas, tables and chairs, TV shelves, pictures and other decorative items.

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    Kitchen interior design

    Kitchen interior design

    Provide kitchen designs with many unique styles. In today’s modern times, the kitchen is often adjacent or connected to the living room for convenience. Helping you have a cozy and convenient space in living, cooking and organizing parties.

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    Bedroom interior design

    Bedroom interior design

    Relaxing space towards luxury style. The products are designed specifically to create a quiet, personal space… Depending on the aesthetic and personal preferences of the owners, Contemporary Interiors is designed accordingly, ensuring technical and Feng Shui.

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    Apply the principles of interior decoration and interior design

    Interior design is the art and science of studying human behavior to create functional spaces in the home. Decoration is the arrangement or embellishment of spaces with decorative elements. Homeowners will be consulted and given designs suitable for the current site of the project. So there is a huge difference between an architect and an interior decorator. Architects can custom design according to customer requirements. However, interior decorators cannot design interiors because they do not understand design principles.


    Modern interior design style

    Modern interior design style

    Modern design evolved from art deco, mainly from the Art Deco design style of the early 20th century. One of the first to introduce this style was Frank Lloyd Wright. Modern art reached its peak in the 1950s and 60s. Modern style is used by many interior designers for recent trends. Suitable for modern life, breakthrough with creativity but not bound by any design principles.

    Neoclassical interior design style

    Neoclassical interior design style

    Neoclassical is one of the trendy interior styles chosen by many homeowners. Like recalling the golden age of once, neoclassical design helps people slow down, enjoy more. Neoclassical design is a style created by the neoclassical movement, which began in the mid-18th century. It is a combination of Italian architect Andrea Palladio. This style gives homeowners the feeling they must have when living in their home.

    Minimalist interior design style

    Minimalist interior design style

    Minimalist interior style in architecture is a way of taking “less to do more”. Therefore, designers often focus on the value of creating space rather than “cramming” furniture into the apartment. Here, space is the factor that creates emotions. The minimalist products of this apartment are selected by the architect, with a European direction. Decorative elements are limited, the lines are simplified but extremely delicate. This is a style that many young people love and apply today.

    Nordic interior design style

    Nordic interior design style

    Nordic house design is one of the great designs about how to effectively and creatively use available materials to decorate the space. It is not like other principled styles, Nordic allows architects to freely mix and choose different materials to beautify the house. The house chosen to design will focus on 3 main contents: simplicity, function and beauty. The simplicity that the designer shows focuses on using simple furniture made of wood or different materials. Nordic style makes the space very simple, warm but no less luxurious.

    Art Deco interior design style

    Art Deco interior design style

    The Art Deco style is mainly based on geometric shapes, neat arrangements and clean lines. This style offers a sharp, sophisticated look at mechanized life in stark contrast to anything before it. Art Deco does not use traditional decoration and interior materials. Instead choose to use more unusual materials such as chrome, glass, stainless steel, glossy fabric, mirror, aluminum, lacquer, etc. Art Deco color themes include metallics, neutrals, etc. calculator, light colors and black and white. In interior design, cold metallic colors including silver, gold, metallic blue, charcoal gray and platinum tend to dominate the most.


    • Step 1 : Meet customers and learn design ideas

    After customers contact Noi That Duong Dai, our sales staff will work directly with customers to:

    Find out customer information such as:

    – Age, interests, space, number of users
    – Purpose of use: To stay, rent (Homestay or long-term rental), sell…
    – Main design style and desired customer
    – Requirements for materials and materials used in the interior
    – Client’s needs and budget
    – Consulting on cost rates when designing.

    • Step 2 : Current survey

    After the customer receives the cost quotation and advice from the sales staff, the architect and sales staff will go to the customer’s house for a few sessions to survey the current status of the ground including the following steps: :

    – Measure, draw, check the ground space, properties of space, techniques.
    – Accurately draw architectural spaces, especially elevation, size, position
    decorate the walls, beams, floors of your home
    – Draw the exact location, path of the devices, the connection lines of the devices
    technical equipment
    – Architects will advise customers directly at the construction site based on the desired design requirements and actual site survey.

    • Step 3 : Sign an interior design contract

    If the two parties agree to agree, they will sign an interior design contract, the contract content includes:

    – Design costs
    – Item will be designed
    – Style of each item
    – Design progress (Usually 10-15 days)
    – Payment progress
    – Incentives and promotions for customers (if any)

    After signing the design contract, the customer will make the first payment (50% of the contract value) for Noi That Duong Dai.

    • Step 4 : Design of interior premises

    While agreeing on the design contract, the architect will make a preliminary plan of the site

    – Division of space, arrangement of furniture, location of main equipment in the interior
    – Make a plan on interior style, materials used
    – Draw the correct scale, position of furniture, electrical and water equipment, dividing walls
    – Partition walls, location of furniture and equipment must be suitable with the current status, structure and technical position.

    • Step 5 : 3D Design

    When the Customer finalizes the interior design floor plan, the architect will proceed to draw 3D indoor areas

    – 3D drawing is a drawing that simulates interior corners in the house for customers to visualize their house in advance,
    – The 3D design is based on the interior style requested by the owner, using materials in accordance with customer requirements, material level, material type, color.

    • Step 6 : Present the design plan to the customer

    When the 1st 3D design is completed, the architect will send it to the Customer for viewing. From there, present detailed design ideas to Customers

    – After the Customer sees the details, they will feedback to the architect which parts need to be modified
    – At this time, we will proceed to modify the unstable points according to the customer’s wishes until the 3D perspective is closed.

    • Step 7 : Design of construction technical documents

    Finishing the 3D design, the customer makes a 2nd advance (30% of the contract value) for Noi That Duong Dai to proceed with the construction technical site (2D)

    Architects will hand over 2D drawings to customers construction drawings will have all the following elements:

    – Dimensions, Location, symbols of details, furniture
    – Types of materials, codes of materials and equipment
    – Color by code, or by sample
    – Designing the layout of the functional map
    – Floor and ceiling tiling drawings (if any)
    – Location drawings of sockets and switches (if any)
    – Detailed drawings of furniture
    – And some additional models depending on the type of apartment.

    • Step 8 : End the interior design contract

    After completing the 2D version, Noi That Duong Dai will be synthesized into a complete 3D + 2D profile set to be sent to customers.
    – Finish the design item, conduct the acceptance test, liquidate the design contract.


    More than 800 designs have been completed and many achievements


    • Ms. Ha – Vinhome Metropolis

    2021 is a successful year. First step: find a new apartment and apply for Noi That Duong Dai to help me design the space 🏡.

    • Mr. Hung – Thuy Khue townhouse, Hanoi

    It was a wonderful experience. I thank the company, making the interior is easy and reliable!

    • Ms. Linh – Long Bien Villa, Hanoi

    I feel surprised with Make my dream come true without spending a lot of time and money.



    Our designers source a thoughtful selection of products, just for you. We work with many of today’s trending brands and partners. Potential retailers and local businesses to ensure that every design fits your style, needs and budget.

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    Hoang Huy Rivervide villa project
    Vinhome Ocean Park villa project
    Kien Hung Luxury villa project
    Vinhome Green Bay villa project
    Vinhome Marina Hai Phong villa project
    Starlake Tay Ho Tay villa project
    Vincom Plaza Son La villa project
    Romantic Park Tay Ho villa project
    An Binh City apartment project
    Ha Noi garden city villa project



    $12 /m2
    • Perspective of basic rooms
    • Interior detail drawings.
    • Detailed drawings of interiors, detailed drawings of electricity, water, ceilings, floors related, unsupervised author.
    • Detailed estimate.


    $12 – $24 /m2
    • Perspective of basic rooms.
    • Detailed drawings of furniture, detailed drawings of electricity, water, ceiling, floor related.
    • Detailed drawing of air conditioning system, communication system.
    • Detailed estimate.
    • Supervise the author.


    Over $24 /m2
    • Detailed and overall perspective
    • Detailed drawings of furniture, detailed drawings of electricity, water, ceiling, floor related.
    • Detailed drawing of air conditioning system, communication system.
    • Detailed estimate.
    • Supervise the author.


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      How much does interior design cost?

      The interior design price of Noi That Duong Dai usually ranges from $12 /m2 to $24 /m2 depending on the design style you choose. Programs apply to customers during construction. Specifically: 50% or 100% discount on design prices depending on each promotion.

      What is the strength of Noi That Duong Dai?

      Noi That Duong Dai has a large and experienced team of architects. We are a unit highly appreciated by customers in interior design. Creating new, modern and trendy quality living spaces for: luxury apartments, villas, townhouses.

      How much money do I need to design and build furniture at the same time?

      The cost of interior design and construction includes the following costs:

      Design cost: The interior design price of Noi That Duong Dai ranges from: $12 /m2 to $24 /m2 depending on the design style that the owner chooses.

      Cost of construction:. The cost of the package construction depends on the following factors: design style, budget of the owner.