The light colors of modern interior design are extremely standard and attractive today

In interior design, besides the functional factor, light plays a particularly important role – the main factor that creates the aesthetic and emotional quality of the interior space. Today, more and more people are interested in architectural and interior works, investing in modern interior design lighting systems.

Why is light important?

Not only for the purpose of lighting for living. Lighting also contributes to the beauty of the interior by showing more clearly the value of colors, materials, and design language.

Light also creates contrast between the light and dark areas, creating accents for decorative items, bringing a lot of emotional value to the interior space.

During the day, natural light also brings ventilation to the living space. Very beneficial for health and physical development.

Methods of using light in interior design

Natural light

Natural light includes light sources from the sun, moon, and stars. Besides creating ventilation and good value for health, the architects also used light in combination with interior items to create shadow effects, delicate lines. Material colors are also shown more clearly to help enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the house.

Windows, glass doors and skylights are solutions to take advantage of natural light into the apartment.

Natural light

Local light

Local lighting is the type of light that has the best advantages in total lighting.

Local lighting is used from sources such as downlights, fluorescent lamps and some other industrial lighting equipment.

Local light

However, local lighting does not support much in terms of aesthetic appearance, difficult to create accents, and is emotionally inert. It is often used with the function of illuminating large spaces such as commercial centers or factories.

Spot light

Spot lighting plays a decisive role in shaping the aesthetic and creating accents for the space.

Spot lighting is often used to navigate and emphasize the focus of the human eye on a certain point or cluster of elements in an interior. To thereby highlight the importance of areas in space.

Spot light

Spotlights, ceiling lights or table lamps are the most commonly used types of lighting devices in creating spot light.

Accent light

Accent light is a type of light that is understood with a fairly broad concept when used mainly for fixation, dot, and visual balance. In order to honor the many values created in the project and express the personality of the owner/designer.

Accent light

Lamps such as wall lights, garden lights and decorative curling lights are good examples of accent lighting.

Indicators affecting the quality of light in the interior

To get an effective lighting design for the interior, we also need to pay attention to the indicators of the lighting devices.

CRI Index (Color Rendering)

CRI is an acronym for Color Rendering Index which often has the names of color rendering, color rendering index.

The color rendering index (CRI) is an index that reflects the fidelity of light, which is assessed through the fidelity of the color of an object when it is hit by that light.

The convention for the color rendering of sunlight is CRI = 100. Good light sources are those with a CRI index of 80-95.

CRI Index (Color Rendering)

For example in luxury and modern style. The materials and furniture are the highlight of the design. Use lamps with high color rendering (CRI), to better express the surface details and colors of materials and furniture.

Lumen Index (Light Throughput)

Lumen is a unit of measurement for the total amount of visible light (to the naked eye) emitted by a lamp or light source. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light.

modern interior design lighting
Modern interior design lighting

You may have bought a lamp but often base the brightness of the lamp in Watts (W). This is not entirely accurate because Watts are a unit of measurement for the power consumed, not the amount of light emitted by the lamp.

Lux Index (Illumination)

illuminance is an indicator of luminous flux per unit area of the illuminated surface.

The illuminance index represents the lux light intensity on the surface that the user perceives the light’s strength and weakness. The formula for calculating illuminance is: 1 unit of light lux = 1 lumen/m2.

modern interior design lighting
Modern interior design lighting

Each living space has a certain standard of illuminance, suitable for the function of that area.

Conference room, meeting room: 500lux
Class: 300lux
Stairs and corridors of apartment buildings and buildings: 750lux
Bedroom: 150lux
Family living room: 150 – 300lux
Family kitchen: 400 – 800lux
Bathroom: 400 – 800lux

CCT Index (Kelvin Color Temperature)

Correlated Color Temperature is a characteristic index of light, indicating what color the emitted light is, whether it is warm or cold light.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins (K). Kelvin temperatures range from 1,000K to 10,000K. A higher number results in a cooler color, whereas a lower K temperature indicates a warmer color.


The color of light also affects the feeling and mental state of the user. For example, white light increases concentration and alertness, suitable for kitchen, working and studying spaces.

On the contrary, yellow light brings a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation, suitable for spaces such as living room, dining room, bedroom.

Notes when arranging for modern interior design lighting

Use a reasonable number of lights in the interior space:

By relying on light intensity standards for each space and indicators of lighting equipment. The architects will calculate the number of lights for each interior space. Avoid situations where excess or lack of light affects the homeowner’s experience.

modern interior design lighting
Modern interior design lighting


The number of Lumens needed for the bedroom is 150lux (150lumens/m2).
Bedroom area: 15m2.

-The formula for calculating the amount of Lumens of light for the whole room:
Lux = lumens/m2 = 150(lux) x 15(m2)= 2250 lumens.
The wattage of the required lighting will be:
Total power (W) = 2250/100 = 22.5W. (Quality leds will have an output of about 100lumens/watt).
-Number of lights needed = total power / power of 1 lamp.
Assuming a 6W LED is selected, the number of lights needed will be 22.5/6 = 3.75 bulbs
Thus, we will need 4 6W light bulbs for a bedroom with an area of ​​​​15m2.

Limit the use of downlights with high ceilings:

With low ceilings, downlights, especially recessed light, are a good idea. But for high ceilings, using only downlights will waste a lot of light. While the space is still a bit dark because the light is diffused in a large area.

modern interior design lighting
modern interior design lighting

Instead, we should use pendant lights, chandeliers combined with wall lights for more effective lighting.

Using independent switch system:

Each line of lights will have different lighting functions and purposes. Therefore, the arrangement of independent light switches will help us to be active in lighting.

modern interior design lighting
Modern interior design lighting-1


In order to use light in the interior effectively, it requires architects to be knowledgeable and have a clear plan when designing, in order to grasp which areas need lighting. Which lighting principle is used? What is the purpose of lighting? Color, position and intensity of light source.

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you have a better understanding of the importance of light in interior design.