Modern interior door designs are extremely sophisticated and luxurious

During the process of meeting and working directly with customers, we meet many investors who wonder about the requirements when designing modern interior door designs, and the types of doors in civil housing construction. Therefore, in this article, we will share with you the necessary content to have a correct and sufficient view on this issue! In particular, it will be useful for you in the process of preparing to build a house later!

First: Requirements for door design in civil housing construction

Just like other structural details in the house. Doors also need to meet the requirements when designing. In particular, the functional and usage requirements are as follows:

About function: The door design has 2 main functions including:

Modern interior door designs

+ Communication function:

This is the main function when designing the door, the door has the function to serve the relationship between the inside and outside space of the house to create favorable conditions for traveling and transporting between rooms. between corridors and rooms, between inside and outside the house. In addition, the door also has the effect of ventilation and light. This is the function of communication not only with architecture, but also between architecture and nature. This is indeed a great function that the door performs!

Prevent function:

When designing a door, this is a function of a component adapted to climate conditions, the door needs to meet the same requirements as a window, but more attention should be paid to durability and safety when opening and closing the door. The containment function is similar to the house protection function. Usually for the entrance door, especially the main door, it must be made of durable and strong materials to ensure the safety of your family!

About use: The design of the door should ensure the following requirements for use:

  • When designing doors: the number of doors and the width of the door must ensure the need for quick and easy travel, exit and transportation of equipment and supplies. Usually, for each room, one door is needed, or there are additional doors if necessary.
  • The location when designing the door should be chosen reasonably, opening and closing conveniently, taking up the least amount of space, and not affecting the arrangement of furniture inside the room, including travel and functional zoning in the room. This in the process of designing the usable floor plan, the architect will be the one to do it and make clear notes on the design drawings so that you can understand. At the same time, the position of the door, especially the main door to the house, also coincides with the direction of the house. So you should keep this in mind before designing and building your home. Make the foyer-door area widest and most open so that the front of the house is always bright and beautiful.
  • In addition, the door structure when designing must also ensure the beauty of the facade itself, easy construction and maintenance, and at the same time the sound insulation requirements caused by the vibration generated when the door is closed. Aesthetics are a necessary requirement, especially the door size, height, width, door material used. Its reasonable harmony and beauty are also evaluated in the overall architecture of the house.

Door design requirements about how high the door size is enough?

Modern interior door designs

When designing a door , the size of the door depends on the use of the door and the aesthetic requirements. In civil architecture, design and construction of 1-storey garden villas, 2-storey , 3-storey house designs , townhouses…, the size of the door is selected according to the requirements of travel and ventilation with height. The lowest door must also ensure that adults wearing hats can walk without obstacles, usually from 1.9, 2.4m.

The width of the door during design and construction must ensure the easy transport of equipment and access to the room and the requirements for escape. The door width selected for the case of single-leaf door is 0.65m. 0.70m. 0.8m. 0.9m. The width of the door with 2 wings is 1.2m: 1.4m. Door width over 2.10m applies doors with 4 wings.

In case the door width is too large compared to the door height to create a sense of balance and at the same time to get light and ventilation, we arrange more hatches or flip windows with a height of about 50-60cm.

Modern interior door designs
Modern interior door designs

The size of the door depends on the use of the door and the aesthetic requirements. In civil architecture, the door size is selected according to the requirements of travel and ventilation with the lowest door height to ensure that adults wearing hats can walk without obstacles, usually from 1.9:2.4m. Side doors are no exception to this rule. However,

The width of the side door must still ensure easy transportation of equipment in and out of the office and the requirement for people to escape. The chosen door width for the single-leaf case is 0.65m. 0.7m. 0.8m. 0.9m The width of the door with two wings is 1.2:1.4m. Door width over 2.1m applies when the door has 4 wings. Side doors will usually have a narrower size than the main entrance door.

Second: Types of doors in construction are often applied

  • Classification of door designs by material

Can be classified into types: wooden doors, steel doors, plastic aluminum doors, glass doors.

  • Sort by task

Including all kinds of doors, and closed compartments such as panels; panels, glass doors, insulated and heat-retaining doors, doors and open compartments such as shutters, soundproof doors, doors and windows (outdoor windows). ), emergency exit

  • In the way of opening and closing

+ One-way opening door: The shaft rotates vertically, opening to the outside of the house or opening inward according to the requirements of using the emergency door, the door to the main house must necessarily open to the outside. This is the minimum requirement in door design – this beautiful one-way opening!

Modern interior door designs
Modern interior door designs

+ 2-way opening door: Usually used in public places, people travel a lot and in rooms equipped with air conditioning systems. 2-way opening doors are often applied in modern offices and commercial centers!

Opening and closing methods:

  1. Conventional single-leaf door
  2. 2 wing doors
  3. 1 swing door
  4. 2-wing pop-up door
  5. Doors push through 2 sides inside the wall
  6. Doors push through 2 sides outside the wall
  7. The revolving door has 4 perpendicular wings
  8. The door has 2 vertical parallel wings on one side of the shaft
  9. Folding doors have a moving shaft in the middle of the door
  10. Folding doors have a moving shaft in the door

+ Sliding door: The opening and closing of the door does not take up the area and space of the room door; but it is necessary to arrange a wall array for the way to push in; often used in dividing multi-purpose rooms, warehouse doors, fire door workshops, block fire. 2-wing sliding sliding door:

Modern interior door designs
Modern interior door designs
  • The door has a wheel structure made on a rail placed on top of the door hole, which is more convenient
  • The sliding door follows the vertical guide and has a counterweight design for easy opening and closing

+ Folding push door: Used when the door is large, room divider; shop, warehouse, garage. Doors with a folding structure of leather or fabric or a combination of many wooden; steel, aluminum, folding doors

+ Revolving door: The type of door with the function of isolating, keeping heat, preventing cold wind, heat, dust from coming in, and at the same time, with limiting the number of people passing by; the door has a complex structure. Often used in high-class buildings such as hotels

+ Roll-up doors: In the design of doors, it will be used to protect shops with large display glass such as garage doors, warehouse doors. Depending on the location and requirements of use; the structure of the rolling door is open or the glass rolling door, along with the appropriate placement of guide steel and the box to hide the rolling part.

In each optional case, during the design process, the architect will have the choice of different types of doors to serve different needs and technical requirements of each room that use different types of doors. .