Interior design of a modern Italian restaurant is very unique and attractive to customers

Today Noi That Duong Dai will introduce to you a very unique design style: Italian style Barbacco, this is one of the modern Italian restaurant interior designs that is being preferred by many designers today

Barbacco Italian Restaurant:

modern Italian restaurant interior design
Modern Italian restaurant interior design

Barbacco restaurant, opened in the Financial district – San Francisco, meaning “sexy little girl” of Perbacco – This is an Italian style restaurant that was opened in 2006 on California Street.

Restaurant owner Umberto Gibin and chef Staffan Terje recognized the need for a restaurant serving on the outskirts of the city, while the space next door was also vacant. They turned to architectural design firm CCS Architecture to develop the Italian restaurant – which at the same time can be transformed into a wine bar or enoteca (cellar) at night. As a result, the Barbacco Eno Trattoria restaurant was born.

Architectural form in interior design of Barbacco restaurant:

modern Italian restaurant interior design
Modern Italian restaurant interior design

Barbacco restaurant is designed with 66 seats, is a narrow and long room in the 1912 Hind building. Inspired by traditional bars in Milan and Greece, the interior space is beautiful, elegant and close. . The ceiling has a dramatic shape that evokes the lines of a sports car.

In this restaurant interior design: the form, details, interior colors and artistic style of the restaurant all direct the attention of guests to the bar and dining counter, and the elements Restaurant interior design also makes the restaurant feel longer in the interior space and adds splendor.

modern Italian restaurant interior design
Architectural form in interior design of Barbacco restaurant

A wide array of high tables contrasts with the low dining counter to create flexibility, easily changing from day to night. The shared tables add dynamism to the restaurant interior design, close to the front space.

The front of the restaurant has a layer of glass, creating a warmer look inside the interior design and allowing diners to observe the urban landscape in the distance.
In this setting, you can faintly hear San Francisco’s famous wagons clatter outside, adding to the romance.

Materials and lighting in restaurant interiors:

modern Italian restaurant interior design
Materials and lighting in restaurant interiors

The main wall is decorated with antique bricks, in order to increase the perfection when combined in the interior space, which is mainly yellow and the colors – gentle light increase the harmony of space.

The old brick wall always brings a sense of familiarity. If you are interested in this material, see more restaurant interior design using antique brick as the main material.

Modern Italian restaurant interior design

The bar is a combination of black Negro Marquina countertops, stainless steel and dark walnut. Details of walnut combined with chrome-plated materials on the table and chairs look like the dashboard of a luxury car.

Gray tones and yellow floor tiles like traffic lines give the impression that the car is moving on the road.

The end:

Interior design style of Barbacco restaurant with bold Northern Italian flavor stems from the quality of service and food. But along with its certain successes, it also comes from the design idea, creating “personality” for the appearance, style and color of the restaurant space.