Modern minimalist office interior design suitable for any corporate space

Most of us are done with the style office work with a variety of furniture products, each with its own irreplaceable use. But with new production technology and design consultancy, many interior products have been integrated with various capacities, contributing significantly to the simplicity of the design room.

The concept of simple design

Minimalism style, also known as minimalism, minimalism, minimalism, is a branch of the modern responsive design style, which originated in America. A style that can express diverse directions of visual art and music.

modern minimalist office interior design
Modern minimalist office interior design

In interior design, architecture, minimalism shows simplicity and sophistication, using simple lines, minimizing furniture and focusing on airy and harmonious space.

What is a minimalist office?

Minimalist office design is inherited and developed from minimalism in the interior, creating a comfortable and pleasant space.

Currently, minimalist offices are very popular, because of the simplicity but not monotonous. This style appeared a lot in Japan then quickly spread around the world. This is a minimalist workspace with furniture and items, creating a more spacious and airy space.

modern minimalist office interior design
Modern minimalist office interior design

How to design minimalist office?

Minimalist style in office interior design always has strong, modern, clear lines and blocks, focusing on space and light in design space. Limiting details, decorative patterns, making full use of natural light to create an airy, free and comfortable atmosphere, so young businesses are very fond of.

Minimalist office design

To design a minimalist workspace, there are certain notes to keep in mind about colors and details.

Color in minimalist office design

This style follows the rule of “Less is more” – less is more, which means that without combining too many elements, it still brings sophistication and elegance. This is considered an element that is heavily influenced by the minimalist style and goes against many traditional elements. Simple colors seem monotonous but contain huge and evocative messages in the office.

Color in minimalist office design

The colors used in this minimalist design style are usually no more than 3 colors, including background, dominant and accent colors, mostly monochromatic colors. Monochromatic colors also make the office interior design process easier, the color coordination between furniture and wall paint also becomes faster and more convenient.

The colors in the minimalist style include black as the main color, white as the background and wood color as the accent. Sometimes when using gray, gray is the main color for the office to create a quiet space and highlight the subject but equally dynamic, youthful, comfortable and professional.

Simplify the details

It can be said that the art minilism movement is having a lot of impact in office interior design today. This minimalism emphasizes minimizing redundant details, keeping only the components that are really necessary and meeting the aesthetics and functionality in the office.

modern minimalist office interior design
Simplify the details

Minimalist office design will use as few decorative details as possible, original space and new materials are preferred. Do not use too much furniture with cumbersome details and colors, just some necessary furniture to create a large and airy space.

Exquisite office furniture

In a minimalist design style workspace, items and interior details are carefully selected to create harmony with the space. The shape of the selected interior items will normally be common designs, without too many variations, stylization or creativity. The color of the interior details must also follow the calculations of the interior designers.

The interior is not complicated with many details, but must exude a delicate beauty, suitable for the overall office.

Lighting is an important detail

In the minimalist office interior design style, the original beauty of each material is always very noticeable. Therefore, lighting is also used as an important interior detail in the office space. This light source is selected as diverse as natural light source, neon light, filament lamp, etc.

However, natural light is still the first choice, in order to create good visual effects with layers of shadows; light and dark effects to highlight the subject.

Reputable interior design unit

Certainly to design an effective workspace, it is best to seek the advice of professional office designers. They are not only knowledgeable about interior trends, materials, etc., but can also offer the most effective space layout options.