Second home with tropical style is about to appear in South Phu Quoc

Wellness second home in Phu Quoc is becoming the search trend of the elite

The second home wellness standard villa line invested by Sun Group in South Phu Quoc will bring a new investment and resort trend to the island city’s real estate market.

Tropical style in the midst of nature reigns supreme

Inspired by tropical seas, or tropical monsoons such as Hawaii, Bali, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia…, the tropical style – tropical style quickly spread to many countries, has an influence pervasive influence in many fields, which left a strong impression on construction architecture.

The tropical style in real estate is not purely tropical architecture with strict standards on materials, the ability to catch light, wind, and reduce temperature, but also sets the standard for natural space. . That is also the reason that green buildings are honored around the world, especially in the context of climate change causing many countries to record record high temperatures.

Tropical style reminiscent of sunny and windy islands
Tropical style reminiscent of sunny and windy islands

The way of greening residential buildings, bringing tropical style into each living space is an effective solution in urban areas. However, there is nothing more ideal than a house located in the middle of tropical nature like on the islands, which gives homeowners a life like a 365-day resort in the midst of pure fresh air.

According to experts, living in the middle of nature is a golden medicine for health, curing all diseases, increasing longevity. Many scientific studies have been published showing that being in nature has positive effects on the body, emotions, social interactions. These activities help calm the nervous system, promote creativity, resilience, the ability to connect.

That’s why more and more people are looking for tropical real estate on sunny islands all year round to enjoy a healthy, peaceful life amidst nature. In particular, Phu Quoc – the famous tropical island of Vietnam is always on the list of the elite looking for tropical-style real estate.

Real estate surrounded by tropical nature
Real estate surrounded by tropical nature

Pioneering in South Phu Quoc

As the leading real estate market associated with resort tourism, Phu Quoc owns a variety of segments, product types, and architectural styles ranging from pure Vietnamese to mixed Eurasian. However, the product line with tropical characteristics, surrounded by nature, near the coastal forest, following the trend of “wellness second home” and promoting personalization according to own needs, is almost not present in Ngoc Island. .

Meanwhile, the trend of resorting to avoid epidemics, isolate “5-star”, and live healthy – “wellness living” is increasingly flourishing globally. Vietnam is no exception to this trend. Therefore, the need for a new-generation tropical second home in a disease-free and healthy island like Phu Quoc has increasingly become an urgent need of the elite.

Wellness second home in Phu Quoc is becoming the search trend of the elite
Wellness second home in Phu Quoc is becoming the search trend of the elite

According to experts, this new generation second home model will have to meet strict criteria. Referring to a report on the second home of Savills, there are many criteria to choose a standard second home among thousands of projects, in which in addition to a reputable investor, the prerequisite is to have a favorable location such as: located along the coast, quiet place, fresh climate, clean coast; favorable connectivity to main roads and airports; steadily increasing value; Comfortable living space, classy…

Phu Quoc, especially the South Island, is home to a unique tropical ecosystem with fine white sand beaches, primeval forests, rare marine creatures… South Phu Quoc is also home to an international-scale ecosystem. with more than 50 high-class projects invested by the “big man” Sun Group. This place is also emerging as a colorful destination with a methodical system of services, facilities and entertainment, promising to bring life and vacation experiences.

Dr. Le Xuan Nghia, a member of the National Financial and Monetary Policy Advisory Council, assessed that the South Island is changing day by day to become the new center of Phu Quoc City. With warm sunshine, blue sea, white sand, attractive An Thoi archipelago and many resorts with beautiful architecture such as Bai Kem, Mui Ong Doi, South Phu Quoc currently hold a lot of potential for eco-resort and care. health care. “In my opinion, this will be the resort model of the future, not too noisy and chaotic, but bringing the experience of a better quality of life. It’s really helping to ‘relax’ and ‘recover’, not just a place to relax. noisy entertainment place. Phu Quoc going in that direction will make a difference”.

Therefore, the tropical-style wellness second home property line that is about to appear in the South Island is evaluated not only as “refreshing the thirst” of investors, but also exploring a new color array in the island city’s real estate market. .

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Linh, General Director of Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) revealed: “Sun Group’s new tropical-style urban area project will be located at Bai Kem, bearing the appearance of a peaceful tropical village. The property is surrounded by 3 layers of nature: garden – forest – sea. We believe that the project will bring customers a preeminent and attractive real estate line in South Phu Quoc.”

With an aesthetic mindset and a different and classy factor in place for every product, investors expect Sun Group to be the pioneer in creating a typical tropical villa – second home standard wellness in the island paradise. Phu Quoc.