Walnut is a wood with high aesthetic value and outstanding quality. The perfection of this wood makes many homeowners dream of owning. However, accompanying perfection is the high cost of wood. Therefore, new class owners use walnut wood for interior construction. The attraction from the advantages and aesthetics of walnut furniture is very popular and popular in our country today.

Walnut furniture service – Full interior design and construction

The need to find walnut wood interior design and construction services is a need that many people are interested in. The product represents modernity, luxury as well as class. Not only that, quality and sustainability are also advantages that this material brings. Noi That Duong Dai chooses walnut wood to bring consumers high-class, international-worthy wood products. Each design has its own character and reflects the personality of the owner.

Currently, products made from walnut wood are being selected and widely used. The grain of walnut has a swirling wave shape that is completely different from other substances. This is the biggest advantage that only dog corner wood has and is easily recognized through this factor.

Bring comfort, luxury lifestyle to your home with walnut furniture

  • What is Walnut Wood?

The walnut tree has the English name Walnut and its scientific name is Juglan Nigra. This is a natural wood that is used and distributed mainly to create the main area of ​​Eastern North America and the European region.

Currently, walnut products in North America are the products that are being evaluated the best in terms of quality. This type of wood is being imported from abroad for construction and high-class interior design for families.

Walnut furniture design
Walnut furniture design

Walnut is fairly easy to work with, it’s often used for carving, turning and shaping, so its smooth surface allows pieces to have a nice finish. Walnut can be used for flooring, solid wood or decorative, walnut furniture.

Walnut wood is very popular nowadays. However, this wood product is also classified into many different grades. Grade 1 walnut is the finest wood, carefully selected with excellent quality and design. For wood types 2, 3, the quality will be a bit worse. Among them, sawn timber is the worst wood and you should not use it.

  • How does walnut furniture help change your living space?

Walnut products are classified as hardwood, cream sapwood with heartwood changed from light brown to deep brown. The longer you use it, the deeper the color of the wood becomes. That is why it is extremely popular because of its mysterious and mysterious beauty when applied in interior design.

Walnut furniture color brings a beautiful space
Walnut furniture color brings a beautiful space

There are many experts who appreciate the advantages and durability of walnut wood. This wood has good bearing capacity including compressive force as well as eddy force. This wood produces a substance that resists penetration from termites. So you can rest assured that the wood is not subject to termites like many other types of wood.

It is the ability of walnut wood to limit termites and warping, so it is suitable for the Vietnamese climate. In addition, it is easy to bend in steam, so it increases good screw grip. At the same time, the construction ability is also more beautiful to create accents for the house.

Most walnut furniture models will exude a trendy beauty with deep brown colors. Thanks to that, it helps to change your life into luxury and class. Homeowners choose this type of wood because they have the ability to limit termites. Not only that, it is also a way to show your status.

  • Is walnut furniture expensive?

There are many people interested in the price of walnut wood products. This is because they consider walnut to be an extremely fine and high-quality wood, so the price is quite high. However, in reality, the price of this product has its own fluctuations and fluctuations. It is a bit more expensive than most of the woods currently on the market such as oak, pine, etc.

Finishing the walnut interior with many beautiful wood grains
Finishing the walnut interior with many beautiful wood grains

Currently on the market there are many units supplying imported walnut wood products. So the price will be different from place to place. In addition, it depends on quite a few good factors. In general, the price of walnut furniture is not cheap at all. However, if you have to spend a lot of money but still get a quality product with a long-term use and high-class design, surely everyone wants it, right?

How is walnut furniture different from other natural wood furniture?

Walnut is generally a premium wood and is quite good compared to other woods. Most of us will encounter warm dark chocolate brown colors. Therefore, this type of wood is extremely suitable for luxurious and classy spaces. Therefore, usually walnut root will only be produced to decorate the interior of the house, which will be more suitable.

Walnut wood furniture has good quality and high durability
Walnut wood furniture has good quality and high durability


  • Compare walnut and rosewood: Walnut will have a round, rotated wood grain that is soft and extremely delicate. These flexible lines create a natural and artistic look. In contrast to incense wood, the wood grain is clearer and more eye-catching. So it is more popular. The durability of cedar wood is less than that of walnut and it is prone to warping and termites if not well maintained.
  • Walnut vs Redwood Comparison: The redwood grain has an elliptical shape with large smooth grains. So the grain of walnut wood will be more beautiful and artistic. However, in terms of durability, red wood has better bearing capacity, heavier weight. 

Each type of wood has its own advantages and disadvantages. So depending on your needs and preferences and conditions for you to choose the best type of wood.

What does Noi That Duong Dai’s walnut furniture service include?

  • Price of walnut furniture

As shared, the price of walnut furniture depends on each unit. However, with Noi That Duong Dai, we commit that the price offered to customers will be the best and most preferential price. Below is a sample quotation information for your reference.

price design
Walnut wood furniture price
  • Walnut interior design

Currently, Noi That Duong Dai is receiving design and construction of walnut furniture packages for customers. Most homeowners want the product to be designed with a personal style and personality. Therefore, each interior design is different and has its own creativity.

Professional walnut interior design service
Professional walnut interior design service

We accept designs based on the requirements of each customer. Our team of architects and designers are all experienced. Therefore, we will design in many different styles, creating diversity for customers. 

  • Construction of walnut wood furniture

  • Production of walnut furniture, quality supervision

Noi That Duong Dai has a good quality walnut furniture factory. Our construction capacity is extremely good with a factory that guarantees quality. All wood products are imported from North America. That is why it is guaranteed in terms of durability and quality.

Construction of walnut wood furniture
Construction of walnut wood furniture
With the advantage of being autonomous in production
Furniture workshop produces products and manages output quality.

We have a team of skilled construction workers with fast progress. This ensures quality. That’s why you can feel secure when choosing walnut furniture design at Noi That Duong Dai.

  • Transport & install products for customers

The unit has a team to support and install products for customers at home. So when customers have a need or choose walnut furniture from Noi That Duong Dai, they will be assured of this service.

Together with the owner, improve the aesthetics of the house

The following will be some beautiful walnut furniture models that are chosen by many customers. These are quite personal designs, unique and suitable for every home. Diverse and natural styles ensure to increase the aesthetics of your home.

  • Walnut living room furniture

The design of the living room partly shows the status as well as the class of the owner. Therefore, the living room space is always a space with high-class appliances. With walnut wood, it will highlight your home more with extremely luxurious and attractive beauty.

Walnut living room furniture
Walnut living room furniture

Walnut wood is favored by nature for its extremely attractive and attractive veins. Therefore, the walnut living room brings an irresistible beauty.

  • Walnut bedroom furniture

With a walnut bedroom, the brown color of walnut has an extremely good effect. This is the material that can be said to be dedicated to your bedroom. It creates a feeling of friendliness and closeness, nature. Therefore, the spirit of the owner also becomes much more relaxed and open.

Walnut bedroom furniture
Walnut bedroom furniture
  • Walnut kitchen

The types of furniture in the kitchen are often things that are exposed to a humid environment. Therefore, choosing a material to avoid termites, warping … is extremely important. And walnut is the best choice.

Walnut wood when exposed to water environment. Or even when drying with high temperature, it also limits a lot of warping. Natural walnut kitchen products are characterized by elegant yellow color, glued brown color. In addition, the wood grain creates a highlight. This is the way to make the kitchen space more cozy. It also unites family members.

Walnut kitchen
Walnut kitchen

These walnut furniture models will help your home become more different and unique. It is the breakthrough in each product that will be suitable for many families. We always have a smart and diverse integration of furniture. This ensures a suitable fit for each apartment. All bring high aesthetics and comfort.

Why do customers like the walnut wood interior design service of Noi That Duong Dai?

  • Noi That Duong Dai is a unit specializing in walnut furniture

Noi That Duong Dai has many years of experience in the field of providing furniture. The highlight of which is the walnut wood furniture. Contemporary Furniture has become a trusted address highly appreciated by customers.

During the operation, we always ensure to bring customers the most attractive experience. The consulting staff is professional and full of experience. Ready to support you to choose the best product and suitable for economic conditions.

With the advantage of being autonomous in production
Noi That Duong Dai is a unit specializing in walnut furniture

Noi That Duong Dai is gradually growing and becoming one of the companies that develop and lead the trend of walnut furniture. Some of the achievements include:

– #1 Blog multi-service, content, sharing knowledge about architecture, renovation, products.

– 800+ projects of design, construction and production of products are implemented.

– 10000+ Existing survey activities, electrical and water engineering consulting and completion supervision.

  • All products are checked for quality upon release

With the advantage of being autonomous in production, the technical team is always working continuously. All products are tested according to clear procedures before being shipped. From the stage of choosing the right wood plank is also very detailed. In order to have a highly aesthetic product, the combination of the manufacturer and the technique must always interact with each other.

With the advantage of being autonomous in production
All products are checked for quality upon release



$12 /m2

  • Perspective of basic rooms
  • Interior detail drawings.
  • Detailed drawings of interiors, detailed drawings of electricity, water, ceilings,floors related, unsupervised author.
  • Detailed estimate.


$12 – $24 /m2

  • Perspective of basic rooms
  • Detailed drawings of furniture, detailed drawings of electricity, water, ceiling, floor related.
  • Detailed drawing of air conditioning system, communication system.
  • Detailed estimate.
  • Supervise the author.


$24 /m2

  • Detailed and overall perspective
  • Detailed drawings of furniture, detailed drawings of electricity, water, ceiling, floor related.
  • Detailed drawing of air conditioning system, communication system.
  • Detailed estimate.
  • Supervise the author.

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